The Miracle of Fenugreek

In Behind the Ingredient, Holistic Health 12 September 2015

Staying healthy can seem overwhelming, but several key superfood ingredients can easily improve your health. One healthy ingredient that you should incorporate into your diet is Fenugreek. This fragrant herb is traditionally mainly used throughout Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine but it has made its roots to the rest of the world when it was realized that it can have a dramatic impact on your health.

Digestive Health:

Fenugreek is great for your digestive health. The ingredient helps with everything from loss of appetite to an upset stomach. These digestive problems often decrease your ability to function. You might call out of work sick or lose focus on your job. If you want your digestive health to improve, then include fenugreek in your diet.

Heart Health:

Heart health, especially heart attacks, have a tremendous impact on the population. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Many people feel that correcting and preventing heart health through specific foods is very limited, but fenugreek can help. Eating fenugreek regularly can soften your arteries, and also help to lower your cholesterol levels. Fenugreek is most beneficial as a preventative to improve your heart health for years to come.

Fenugreek is great for your digestive health and your heart health, but it also helps with several other health issues. Consuming Fenugreek regularly can help your kidney health, lower your blood sugar (as it is low in the glycemic index), help you recover from bronchitis, help with skin infections and it cures many other maladies. Fenugreek truly is a miracle herb.

Cooking with Fenugreek:     

Although fenugreek is great for your health, but many people don’t know how to cook with it. This unique ingredient can have a unique impact in the kitchen. Consider using fenugreek leaves in your curries, sauces, sautés or soups. The ingredient will add full flavour and serious boost your recipes’ health rating. Some people incorporate fenugreek into their salads.

Eating fenugreek is an investment in your health. This miracle ingredient can provide benefits for your digestive and heart health with regular consumption.