The Great Wonders of Ginseng Revealed

Ginseng is an ingredient found in a number of health supplements, foods, beverages, as well as the standard gel-encapsulated powder capsule form. Ginseng is a type of perennial plant with fleshy roots, which has been part of people’s diets for thousands of years. Ginseng has multifaceted and interesting holistic benefits, and these “natural wonders” ginseng deliver are worth learning about.

Ginseng is often sold for its mood, concentration, and energy enhancement properties. These characteristics are why ginseng is incorporated into so many performance supplements for sports, body-building as well as alertness aid products. Ginseng gives the mind a slight boost via increased sensation of focus strength. The focus stimulation benefits are surely the most well known of the plant root’s attributes. Although a little bit of extra energy can be helpful and necessary from time to time, a boosted and better functioning immune system is going to be more beneficial long term, and ginseng can help with that too.

The Journal of Translational Medicine noted that in ginseng, out of seven types of “ginsenosides they identified, seven could selectively inhibit expression of the inflammatory gene CXCL-10.” Through reducing inflammation, ginseng has to potential to give the immune system support. A better immune system is one much better capable of preventing or fighting off the flu and other woes.

Ginseng is also a valuable source of antioxidants, and these antioxidants are necessary to fight harmful free radicals. Free radicals are considered a major contributing factor to many deterring symptoms the body develops, including cancerous cells. Antioxidants provide a natural means of battling free radicals, and ginseng is a good source of antioxidants. The presence of the saponins Rb1 and Rb2 inside the composition of Ginseng may be the roots of the antioxidants present in the ginseng roots. Antioxidants are supposed to contain anti-aging properties, due to the fact that they fight off free radicals that cause depreciating skin condition and overall physical body health. Enhancing a youthful appearance is another nice added benefit to Ginseng and this we can consider anti-aging possibilities to be yet another reason to consume Ginseng.

Ginseng’s wonders are vast. Adding a little ginseng powder or extract to recipes, health supplements, finished food products, beverages and even topical body care products can significantly boost their appeal when talking health benefits.