The Many Benefits of Broccoli

“Eat your broccoli” is not just something adults tells children. Performance coaches give this same advance to athletes. Not only is broccoli’s low caloric content good for maintaining your nutritional intake and weight, this amazing green vegetable is packed with nutrients that do the body good in multifaceted ways. It turns out, broccoli is good for everyone of all ages and lifestyles.

The list of vitamins and nutrients found in broccoli is a lengthy one. Broccoli is a great source of vitamins K, C, and D. Other vitamins found in broccoli include amounts of B6, A, E, and B1. Overall, the vitamin content in broccoli is helpful to the skin, eyes, teeth, bones, and more. And there are countless nutrients ranging from potassium to copper. As a source of natural dietary fiber, broccoli is difficult to top. For those suffering from constipation, broccoli presents a holistic solution resulting in a gentle and mild detoxification effect. When the body eliminates waste, it eliminates all the troubles waste brings with it, and fiber can be very beneficial in initiating and enhancing this process.

No food provides a wonder cure for serious disease, but a good diet loaded with healthy antioxidants and nutrients does support the body’s ability to resist disease. Broccoli has “heart healthy” benefits thanks to the vegetable’s ability to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, two factors that strongly contribute to heart disease. Broccoli also contains essential omega 3 fatty acids, which are also supportive to the heart and immune system.

Broccoli is low in sugar and carbohydrates, and the fiber helps with insulin sensitivity. Anyone concerned about diabetes or who needs to keep their glycemic index low should take note of these benefits.

Interestingly, broccoli is also a decent source of protein. While broccoli does not have a lot of protein in its content, broccoli has virtually no fat. It is very important to note that to get the maximum benefit out of broccoli, it should be consumed as raw as possible. Steam cooking the vegetable lightly will preserve the nutrients tremendously while eating broccoli raw or found within a finished food like a green juice supplement beverage through addition of a raw extracted powdered ingredient is the best strategy.