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Natera's team has the expertise to provide analytical support, custom processing and guidance to ensure your product is ready for success.

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Once ready for manufacturing, our facilities are able to produce the most complex formulations in quantities that make sense for your company.


Natera Ingredients and its network of distribution and channel partners are able to facilitate the process in an efficient and effective manner.

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Right from the heart of the Canadian prairies, Natera Ingredients is proud to bring you the very best top-quality fresh harvest 100% all natural and Canadian grown hemp seed products. Canada is a global leader in cultivating quality nutritious hemp seed. All our hemp products are Non-GMO, gluten-free and do not contain any sprays. Natera Ingredients is also an innovative leader in the new and emerging market for bioactive ingredients, examples of which include plant based powders and extracts. Bioactive ingredients address the growing awareness of consumers wanting to eat functional foods that are enriched with the multifaceted benefits of nutritionally dense plant based ingredients, rather than suffer from supplement and pill fatigue.


Natera Ingredients manufactures and supplies the finest bioactive ingredients available for a broad array of applications, including finished food products and beverages, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, pet foods and pet care products, livestock feed and more. Natera is also the exclusive bulk-quantity source for Naturally Splendid Enterprises’ remarkable HempOmega ingredient, a water-soluble, micro-encapsulated omega hemp seed oil powder that opens completely new avenues of product formulations and enhancements within the Omega-rich ingredient and supplement market. Natera’s HempOmega and quality plant based ingredients are all natural, GMO-free and manufactured in a world class facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


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Partnering with Natera Ingredients offers unprecedented access to world-class research and development facilities, support services, analytical services, and custom processing. The POS Sciences ISO9001, HAACP, and cGMP certified plant has a wide range of wet processing equipment used to carry out extraction and/or fractionation of many different plant materials. Challenging, innovative projects are our sweet spot. We want to help you succeed in any market anywhere in the world. Contact us to get started.


When your project demands complex formulations, specialized ingredients, reliable testing, precise manufacturing, and efficient distribution, Natera is ready. Natera Ingredients was founded to bring to market a new generation of cutting edge, innovative bulk ingredients that deliver on all fronts: sustainability, quality, consistency, and relevance with today’s discerning consumers. And no one knows how to put these ingredients to work for you better than Natera Ingredients.

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